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Age: Junior Cougar
Figure: To die for
Height: 170cm
Eyes: hazel
Skin: lightly tanned
Hair: Brunette
Bust: DD

With her divine bust, tiny waist, and legs that go on forever, Erica is the ultimate seductress who has the skills to match. Genuinely bisexual, she loves to play with men, women an couples.

Spend a little time(or a lot of time with her)..and she might just show you a thing or 2 or 3!

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My 4th visit to Tiffany’s, each time has been with an amazing girl but this time I finally got to see Erica. So classy, memorising and at the same time made me feel relaxed. She is just a divine experience, I have to say that this was the best time there ever I couldn’t help but stay longer! Cant wait to go back for more.Zac



I was met with at least 23 glamours and ended up going with Erica. She was so hot and sexy, I ended up staying with her for 4 hours. I would have stayed all night, but ran out of cash!