Here are the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. If your questions about our Sydney brothel are not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Tiffanys takes sexual health very seriously.

It is a requirement of law that all our ladies are tested for STIs on a quarterly basis. Not only do our ladies stay up to date with their check-ups, safe sex practices are used for both oral and sex practices. This protects you and the lady.

Doctors also recommended that all sexual active adults have regular sexual health check-ups each year.

You can visit Tiffanys at your leisure... always.

There are no obligation to visit, but you are more than welcome to stay. You will meet with all the lovely ladies available each time.

However, if you have a certain lady who caught your eye, we will gladly arrange a booking with her at a time that suits you.

Come and see us: 11am - 5am, 7 days a week. Tiffanys only closes on Christmas Day.

For your car parking needs, Tiffanys provides discreet car parking at the rear of our building. Otherwise, there is also plenty of available inconspicuous parking on surrounding streets.

Upon arrival at Tiffanys, one of our friendly receptionists will show you into a private waiting area. Here our available ladies come through and introduce themselves to you individually.

If you have any questions, or seek a particular service, use this time to ask each lady your questions.

Choice is a personal thing, so if it is your first time we suggest going with the lady who sticks out in your mind the most. If more than one stands out, as is often the case, you can always experience a different lady with each visit or have fun with two or more ladies at once.

The Tiffanys’ experience is what you want it to be.

Yes. You may even recognise the background of our photos. This is because we have our own photographer who takes all the ladies photos on premises. This way we can guarantee the lady you see is exactly the lady you will get to spend time with.

Variety is the spice of life and with 40 solid years of continued service, Tiffanys understands the whole purpose of visiting a bordello is to experience that spice.

Each Tiffanys lady brings something unique and different to the table you continue to explore the bodies and minds of our ladies.

Beginning with the classic slender model style then onto those dangerous Marilynn Munroe curves right up to the sweet and petite you’ll always find what you are looking for at Tiffanys.

Nowadays we see pop up brothels appear all over the place which offer all-inclusive services and cheaper prices. It makes sense for clients to question what is happening. If one place does it, why don’t all?

With 40 solid years of experience, Tiffanys knows the best service comes from quality, not quantity. At Tiffanys we believe the best girlfriend experience happens when both parties want to kiss and nibble each other. Additionally, some ladies prefer to keep kissing just for their private life while still providing a superb classic service.

To focus on the money is to focus on the wrong meaning of a true girlfriend experience.

If our ladies offer their add on services to you, it is not because Tiffanys has made them offer it. It is because they want to, not have to, kiss you. This infuses passion into the booking in a way that money cannot buy.

Couples are welcome at Tiffanys. When exploring sexual experiences if can be hard to know where to begin. Being with a professional is a great way to test the waters the first times as a couple.

If this is a first time threesome, here are some tips to help you.

Before arriving, discuss with each other what rules each of you may have and what experiences you would like out of it. These will be discussed with the ladies you meet.

There are different styles of threesome;

  • three of you play with each other (Three-way),
  • both ladies focus on the male partner only (Straight threesome),
  • the man and Tiffanys lady focuses on the female partner only (Bi – threesome)

On arrival, our friendly staff will welcome you in and have you both meet the ladies one by one.

Discuss with each lady what you seek to experience and what your rules are. Also, use this time to work out which lady you both feel most comfortable with.

Our ladies will do their best to ensure you have a time to remember.


If the idea of sex in a brothel gets you both excited or you enjoy a little role play, we also offer couples the chance to discover what a love hotels would be like as you can hire our rooms for some fun.

Yes. Many of our ladies are bisexual and happy to cater to both male and female clients. No booking is required. You are more than welcome to call by for a visit and meet the available ladies at a time that suit you.

Tiffany understands the need to provide a range of payment options for your convenience.

Tiffanys accepts:

  • Cash
  • AMEX
  • ATM (onsite)

With your privacy in mind, Tiffanys provides discrete billing; guaranteed confidentiality, security and retain no records.

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