Age: 22
Figure: size 8
Height: 175cm
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Fair
Hair: Brunette
Bust: C

Meet Freya, a captivating Australian girl with a touch of Eastern European beauty. With a sun-kissed tan, curly brown hair, and athletic physique, the allure of Freya is enchanting. Picture the girl next door, but with an irresistible charm that will leave you wanting more. Flirty nature and down-to-earth personality. Freya will leave you yearning for more.
Come in and spend some time together to discover that connection!

Customer Reviews; 

It was my first time with Freya today and she was delightful company, her personality is lovely, and the service was excellent. She exudes warmth and affection, and is an absolute pleasure to be with. Freya is lovely. 

– Tony

Arriving at this historical establishment. I was very concerned about having to catch my flight out of Sydney. However, when the beautiful, stunning Freya took me into her arms. I forgot about my flight because Freya flew me to the stars & new destinations. Oh yes, Freya was definitely in my dreams last night after my weary head hit my pillow. – Cougar